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November 27, 2011 Leave a comment

Dear reader,

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Happy Diwali

October 25, 2011 4 comments

To all Readers of  Love – The Life Force Energy blog, my heartiest wishes:

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Dear God, send healing to Norway

July 23, 2011 5 comments

On this day the bombing of a government building in Oslo, Norway, and the shooting moments later at a youth camp on the nearby Norwegian island of Utoya has brought deep sadness once again to the people of the Earth, who ask with plaintive cries: What do these terrorists want??? What do these terrorists, who disrupt lives all over the world, need to get them to stop?

This is a time of great upheaval on our planet; it is the time of the Overhaul of Humanity. Everything we hold dear on this earth is now being held hostage by those who would kill wantonly to achieve their goals — and yet most people don’t even know what those goals are.

And why wouldn’t anybody want to attack Norway, for goodness sake? Who in the world has a grudge against Norway?

Our species doesn’t understand. Our species is confused. And as technology becomes more and more advanced, we can expect more and more attacks on the peace loving people of the earth. It doesn’t take an army anymore to conduct a war. All it takes is an attaché case.

God, we ask you today for help. Once again we are coming to you for help, as always we do when we don’t understand what is going on around us or why human beings would act in this way, murdering their fellow humans who are innocent of any wrongdoing, in order to make a political point—and not even telling anyone what the point is.

Dear God, hear our human prayer. We ask you to give courage and strength to the people of Norway this night, and to all humans around the world who seek only to live their lives in peace and joy, hoping to turn this daily struggle on the earth into something good, something at least a little good, for themselves and their loved ones and their children.

May all of us send our loving energy to Norway now. Send your thoughts of healing.

Today is not the day for theoretical discourse on the spiritual implications of events, nor a time for extensions of spiritual logic. Today is a time for mourning; for hold in the human heart the sadness of the human species that we have turned into something like this.

There is a way out of our long global nightmare. I believe that there can be a way out. I would venture to speak of this on the morrow. For now, a sending of love and light to all those everywhere whose lives are touched by terror this day.

Neale Donald Walsh.
Copyright © 2011  The Global Conversation.

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Keeping Japan In Our Prayers

March 14, 2011 8 comments

Let all of us in the Love – The Life Force Energy Blog take a moment right now, as you read this, to say a prayer for the island nation of Japan. “Dear God…While we do not and cannot understand the nature of all things, please send Your healing grace to the families in Japan who have felt the worst kind of devastation on this day when the earth shook and the waves crashed and so many people lost their lives, and so many others lost the fruits of their lives. Give them strength and courage and, especially at this hour, wisdom and clarity, fortitude and resourcefulness, that they may match Life’s fury with Life’s resilience, human disaster with human determination, turning calamity into an ultimate victory of the human spirit.

“We ask, as well, Dear God, your compassion and help for the people of Hawaii, that they and others in the path of this tsunami may be spared the worst of Nature’s way. We ask this in the name of Love, which is also Nature’s way, which is Your reality, and Life’s sustaining energy and truth. And now, we send our Light and our own energy of healing and strength to every person who fears or cries on this day, that they may be uplifted and feel the support of our Oneness with them on this day. Amen and amen.”

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For Un-subscribed Readers

February 2, 2011 Leave a comment

Dear Reader,

I am writing today to all those friends and readers, whom I have been sending emails from my Yahoo account, to inform you that my blog activities will continue as normal, but I will no longer forward you emails about my blog due to the following reasons:

  • Work tight schedule
  • Blog time consumption
  • Yahoo bulk emails sending difficulties.

In case you have been truly enjoying to read the blog and wish to receive updates and notifications whenever I post new article on my blog, then you can subscribe your email address or follow the blog notification through my facebook profile.

How can I subscribe my email address?

1.       Enter the website of the blog and type your email address on Email subscription (top left corner of the blog) and click “Sign me up”

2.       After doing the step 1. You will receive an email from wordpress with a link to confirm your subscription. Click that link and wait for a message that says “You are now subscribed”


This information is not valid for all those who are already subscribed members of this blog. So please ignore this information.

Thank you for your understanding!

Love and Light!

Rajiv Vassanji.

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Today is our Blog’s 1st Anniversary!

January 21, 2011 13 comments

Today marks the 1-year anniversary of this blog. It’s been a great year. I have loved every minute of my experience with this blog, the people I have met through it, the love, joy and appreciation I have discovered, the challenges I have given myself. Ever since I was a kid, I always had a creative side. I was artistic, and I also always loved to write. I would write and motivate myself through other people stories. So, at this point in my life, I view this blog as a new creative outlet for myself since I no longer do some of those crafty things. Inspiring others is my new art form and brings me enormous happiness!

I appreciate every one of you who have come along on this journey with me this past year. It’s been awesome. Starting this blog has been such a great inspiration to learn, grow and appreciate through other people success and sorrows, trying things I’ve never tried, and realize that nothing is impossible.

My goal at first was to store all my book stories on the web, so it could be easy to access from any part of the globe and I wouldn’t have to carry all bunches of papers and books. Later I realize that perhaps there might be more Rajiv who seeks inspiration in their daily lives. Sharing stories and jokes that were just “easy”. But along the way, I have learned that every story is easy if you just set your mind to it. The motivator just needs to be able to give themselves enough credit. Don’t ever tell yourself that you “can’t achieve this or that, or your life is and will be always a mess”. I don’t agree at all with it! Nothing is impossible!

In 2011 with my blog I hope to inspire more people who think like I do. I am also going to aim for more stories and jokes. Please, share my blog with your family, friends, and fellow blog readers. I look forward to continuing this adventure with every single one of you.

I thank to all readers and friends who have shared stories through email and allowed me to post them in this blog!

Finally, if you’re not already, please follow me on Facebook. I update  pages whenever I have a new post up!

Love and Light.

Rajiv Vassanji

January 2011.

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