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Love Yourself More Than Ever- A Story of Anita Moorjani

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By: Sheena Dhillon- Andaaz Online Editor

“The more you love yourself, the less fearful you are”, a quote said on our Andaaz interview with Anita Moorjani, an author and cancer survivor. Cancer is the leading cause of death worldwide, responsible for 7.6 million deaths in just the year 2008 alone. Cancer has impacted all of our lives in one way or another, whether it be someone you know whom has passed away due to cancer, someone you know struggling right now to beat cancer and to save their lives, or even someone you have heard of. With our hectic work schedule, between balancing our family and career, college or personal issues people forget to appreciate and love what they have already been blessed with, a healthy body. From the time we are children, we are taught to think that it is selfish to love ourselves or to make “me” a priority.

Anita Moorjani, the author of the book Dying to be Me, shared her exceptional recovery story in an interview with our guest host Sindia Bharwani. Moorjani was diagnosed with the last stage of lymphoma in February 2006. The doctors even advised her family that she was in her “final hours.” While in a state of a coma, she says that she was aware of everything going on around her, “It felt like I could connect to what everyone around me was doing and feeling.” All of a sudden Moorjani says that she was overcome and felt like she was surrounded by a state of being unconditionally loved. “In that moment when I made the decision that I wanted to stay in that realm, it seemed almost simultaneously I experienced this incredible clarity. As though all this knowledge suddenly became available, and I understood. It was like I understood why I had the cancer. I understood why I was here in this life, like everything just made sense.”

While some may call this a miracle, Moorjani seems to believe that this wasn’t just a miracle, but a state of mind that everyone needs to understand and believe in. She says that she realized that what she was lacking in her life, and what was causing the cancer, was fear and the lack of self-love. Being so concerned about pleasing everyone else, she (as many do) forgot to love herself. “The more you love yourself, the less fearful you are” Moorjani states. Upon having this realization, and coming to terms with it, she was able to then enter back into her body and her body was able to heal- and it healed very fast.

Many may question if that was what really healed her body, but hearing this story first hand and seeing how healthy and happy Anita Moorjani is now, only made me a strong believer. Watch our episode from our last season, posted below, and I only hope that we can make a believer out of you.

 “If you realize how amazing you are, all you have to do is be yourself.” –Anita Moorjani

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