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We’ve Been Sold a Big Lie

It’s fascinating to live in NYC or London, right? Well that’s what most people think and that’s what I used to think also. So many people try to get to cities as such, sacrificing many things in their lives.

I did that too – I always wanted to live abroad, either in UK or America. So I studied hard and finally was able to continue studies in UK. Once there, I shortly found a job. I was, in the eyes of my family and relatives, a high achiever because I managed to establish myself in UK.

But what I failed to see through my rosy dreams of living abroad, and what so many people also fail to see, were the big disadvantages of such “progressive” and “highly developed” countries. And there are more downsides, in my opinion, of living in such cities, than there are advantages.

A big problem I see in cities like London and NYC is that the media labels these places as very developed. They put the “developed” and “progressive” labels on the process of killing the nature for the sake of human-made, therefore artificial, structures and other material things.

When you think about it, is it really correct to say that countries which prefer human-made things to God-made things, developed? Is it really right to call countries which produce toxic foods and put high prices on natural foods, progressive? I really don’t think so.

The more time I spend in Indian beaches where people live in harmony with nature, the more faults I see in “developed” countries. It’s as though we’ve been sold a big lie, we were made to believe that we should strive as hard as possible to get to such toxic and stressful places and sacrifice our good years in the rat race so that we could afford to live in developed cities.

It’s crazy when you think about how many people believe this lie, even very intelligent ones. Because of the external influences and suggestions they think that they make their own decisions that they choose to stay in the rat race. Only a very small number of people ever wake up to see what this whole rushing and making it big really is.

I read one good article about how gurus sometimes motivate people not to quit the rat race, but more enthusiastically work in it. Like those gurus who encourage people to aim for millions of pounds are basically encouraging people to spend their lives being slaves of money.

Yes, you may work for yourself and earn this kind of money, but you will definitely become a slave to your business because with big money comes big responsibilities. If you want to sacrifice the time and relationships for a million pounds, go ahead and choose this option. But in my opinion it’s much healthier to live in a more balanced way, earning your own money to live comfortably but not to sacrifice other things you enjoy for your business.

I really don’t know the history well (plus most of it has been “altered” anyway to suit certain powers’ needs) but look at what the “progressive life” and thirst for money has done to some beautiful cultures, like American Indians’. They had such rich and connected to God traditions and ways of life. The “progressive people” pushed them out of their natural places and forced them to live in small areas, the same way as they treat animals by putting them in zoos.

They forced American Indians to work long stressful hours and many of them refused to spend their lives for the sake of some company’s profitability. Those that refused to work stupid hours and play the rat race were labeled “lazy”. It’s scary when you think that such ill-minded people who did so much harm to beautiful cultures and nature are considered intelligent and innovative.

And what’s happening at this time continues to show that such people don’t think forward, they think backwards. Killing people in wars to establish power and take natural resources is very far from God. Killing beautiful creatures like fish and birds just to satisfy the hunger of some. The whole drug industry does more harm than good, but it’s still functioning because it’s profitable. Very progressive indeed.

So here we are, living in these developed countries. We work very hard to earn as much money as possible and in return we get to breathe toxic air, we are entertained by technology which makes us forget human soul connection and we rest by watching TV. Wow, what a return for our hard work.

The whole entertainment system, the whole workforce is also designed to feed our egos and leave us wanting ever more. Buying latest gadgets and competing for better employment hardly makes us satisfied or happy, because we are living a lie that was designed to look real.

Isn’t it much better to work less in “less developed” countries, breathe fresh air, get entertained by meeting friends over a healthy meal or visit places untouched by technology? Having “unprogrammed” myself from the rat race, I would always say yes to this option.

I am really not surprised as to why so many people fail to see through this big lie. We’ve been sold it every single day since our birth. Our parents believe it, our friends believe it, media talks about it. Of course most people would not dare to question such way of life.

And for you to get “unprogrammed” from such thinking, all you should do is stay in nature for around a month. You can, for example, go to some undeveloped country and stay on the beach in a hut or a lodge. Avoid places that are full of technology and choose instead places that have no artificial entertainment. Nepal and India are perfect for that, as you can find many places where the only entertainment is human conversation and appreciation of world’s natural beauty.

(And please don’t delay this trip if you would like to take it, because if you delay it it’s likely to never happen. Even if you have no money, trust that the Universe will supply you when you need it and just take a leap of faith and leave your stressful surroundings.)

The first few days in nature, if you’ve been surrounded by technology all your life, will really be like hell. You will find it deadly boring and dull, maybe even depressing. But when you stay in such places for a long time, the nature starts healing you and you naturally start to unprogram yourself. Then when you come back to a busy city you really see it for what it is – a big lie, an illusion of a better life that people struggle for all their lives and don’t question.

And why are we encouraged to live this lie, to strive for more money and think that stress is an unavoidable thing? Because it’s good for the economy. You see, governmental bodies and institutions really don’t care about an individual. They care only about what’s good for the economy and big companies.

Big companies, for example, greatly profit from selling cheap toxic products like chocolate bars and cakes with artificial flavorings, preservatives, etc. So the governments, working with them, allow these companies to continue producing these cancer-causing products.

The petrol is getting more and more expensive and some people no longer can afford keeping cars. And although it’s possible to power vehicles with water, that would destroy some big companies and thus any such attempts to release water-powered vehicles are harshly dealt with.

That’s only one example of how much society is fooled and made to pay big prices without being provided better and less expensive alternatives. The more you try understanding what’s really happening in the world, the more lies you can spot.

Those who rule the countries know that for the economy to grow, people need to be motivated to spend their best years putting as many hours as possible working for companies and making money. So they do a good job by convincing people to do exactly this.

Please wake up. Sacrificing all your best years in a company you don’t own just to make enough money to survive in highly developed countries really doesn’t make any sense. You will age quickly and stress will cause various illnesses that will worsen with time. And if you get to the old age, know that old people are not respected in developed countries that are why all the plastic surgeries and old peoples’ homes exist. It’s really not worth living like this.

I choose to live in a simple way. I used the money making system of developed countries to free myself. And most people use it and get enslaved by it.

Choose the stress-free country of your choice. Calculate how much you need to make to live okay. And then start some small business and work on it until you make enough money to quit the rat race.

For example to survive in India one can earn only 3 pounds a day. To live okay in certain places in India, one can make 5-10 pounds a day. It’s even cheaper in Nepal. And both countries have amazing natural beauty, great friendly people, healthy food and many accommodation options.

So you see, it’s also a lie when you hear that it’s expensive to live abroad. Believe me, it’s not. I think anyone can make 3 pounds a day; it’s really not that hard. For example, it will take for most people 6 months to reach this stage – I’m talking about passive income generated online here.

I know it may seem strange to sacrifice 6 months just to be able to make 3 pounds a day. But if that 3 pounds a day buys you freedom, then it’s worth it, isn’t it?

Think about it. Think outside the box. Don’t buy into the lie so many people buy into. Remember, crowds are always wrong. Don’t follow, be an example for others as there are so few people who manage to break out of this lie.

Some people won’t like this post. They will say that this is too exagerated and that it’s not that bad to live in highly developed cities. But if you have only seen this kind of life, you will obviously not be able to look at it from the observer’s perspective. That’s the only way of life you know and so you defend it.

Please be willing to search for other ways of life. Who knows, maybe you will wake up from this illusion and understand that life is there for enjoyment and not for the endless race to nowhere.

By: Simona Rich – Personal Development Coach.


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  1. shammi
    December 22, 2011 at 6:26 pm

    I agree

    • December 23, 2011 at 9:24 am

      Thanks for coming 🙂

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