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Soul Ties: What You Should Know About Them

In India most people may not know what soul-ties are, but at least their tradition doesn’t allow them to make many soul-ties. However in the West people are completely ignorant of this very important topic and thanks to the media and the common opinion, most people are completely enslaved by numerous soul ties.

I feel that now I know enough about soul ties to be able to write a blog post about this topic, and I hope that my findings and my intuitive information will help you to better understand this phenomenon.

In probably every religion there is mentioned in one way or another that sexual relationships lead to strong soul-ties. For example in the Bible it’s said that those who have sexual relationships become ‘one flesh’ and in Vedas the expression ‘soul-ties’ is directly mentioned.

Basically when you have a sexual or intense non-sexual relationship with another human being, your souls become as though tied together. And so if you had more than one partner, for example, you cannot be committed fully to one person only, because you are on a spiritual level still involved with your exes.

(Instead of ‘soul ties’, I would rather coin this phenomenon ‘soul bridges’ because in my opinion it’s easier to understand how souls can become connected when you imagine as though a bridge extending between them.)

Indeed sexual relationships form extremely strong soul ties, followed by blood relationships (your mother, brothers, father and then grandparents) and then friendship to people who are not your relatives. (This sequence, of course, could differ, depending on the intensity of the relationships and the circumstances.) If you have children, the soul ties to them will probably be the strongest of all.

Maybe soul ties are one of the reasons why in the West most families are dysfunctional and there are so many divorces. The husband feels that the wife does not give her entire love to him, and the wife feels in the same way about her husband. They are together but they seem distant, unavailable to each other. They don’t understand each other fully and they don’t know why this is so. Well this happens because both of their souls are tied to other peoples’, so they can’t be fully together.

You may know from your own experience that your first partner is special and you tend to give all of yourself to that one partner. This is the indication that you tied your soul to his, and because you had no previous strong soul ties you tend to give all your attention to him. But if you had more partners in the past, you can never feel as one soul with your present partner.

And if you even conversed with people who are known to have multiple partners, you may have felt how shallow they were, that there’s nothing deep about them, because these soul-ties took the depth out of such people. They as though wasted their souls bit by bit, left the pieces of their souls to those with whom they had sexual relationships. That’s why it’s extremely hard, if not impossible, for such people to ever have strong families of their own.

Such individuals will always feel empty (if they don’t do anything about it) and would falsely think that this emptiness could be filled by a new partner, and that the reason their current partners can’t fill this emptiness is because these partners are not right for them. This is not so. Such people could only become “full” again by understanding how much they have tied up their souls to other people’s and asking God to break those heavy energy-seeping bonds.

Such people are like drying lakes. The more streams form from them taking the water away, the more shallow the lakes become until eventually they dry up.

The bonds between souls are energy-seeping. These bonds you form allow the person you form the bonds with enslave you emotionally. The reason, therefore, some females go through the most horrible abuse from their husbands but do nothing about it, is because they have soul-ties with those abusers. And so this weakens the victim’s soul and makes her sometimes unable to respond to an aggressor in a way beneficial for her.

Or when a husband puts up with a dominant and too controlling wife for many years who never fails to insult him in front of other people. Soul ties are the cause of this too.

If, for example, you had a sexual relationship with one person and you left him for another one, this now ex of yours can, through his hateful thoughts, make you feel uneasy or confused. Or, if you left your ex and he was very hurt by this fact, this may even prevent you from being open to better relationships, or to any relationships at all. This would happen because the bridge between you and your ex is not yet broken.

More wicked people can even send evil suggestions and enslave people in other ways once they have made soul-ties with them. So you should always be careful whom you allow close to you, especially when it comes to sexual relationships. This seemingly innocent “you have to kiss a lot of frogs to find a prince” saying is complete nonsense, and what’s more, it’s a very dangerous suggestion followed by so many. Don’t just “try” other people for the sake of it because this is the game which may end up depleting your soul.

Recently my mother told how a few months ago she happened to be acquainted with one lady. As soon as their friendship started, a series of negative events followed. Her friend was jealous and possessive and my mother decided to end their friendship because this relationship was starting to tire her. As soon as she consciously ended the relationship, no more negative events followed. This is a classic example of a broken soul tie.

Some people tend to cling to you as soon as you make friends with them. These are the most dangerous people to befriend, because they very soon burden you with their insecurities and jealousies. They create very strong bonds with you because they come into such friendship with expectations and they form this crazy idea in their heads that they somehow own you. And it can be very hard to sever ties with such people because they may disagree to end the friendship and thus still keep the bridge between the souls active.

When you have a big fight with your friend or partner and although both of you decide to end the friendship or relationship, you still feel a heavy bonding feeling in your heart which indicates to you it’s not over. And how in other instances you can end the relationship really peacefully and feel strangely light and free, and then you know it’s all over.

It’s very important for both people, therefore, to finish the relationship without any grudges, because only this way the soul tie can be completely broken. And then you are free to move on, and then you become fully open to meet someone who is perfect for you.

If you feel that you don’t understand yourself, that you don’t have full control over your thoughts, actions or life in general, you should try to identify all the soul ties in your life and break them.

The easiest way to break a soul tie is to approach the person you have the soul tie with and ask for their forgiveness and end the relationship in peace. If they agree to let you go, if they stop clinging to you mentally (by thinking negative thoughts about you), consider the soul tie to be broken and thank them in your mind.

You will know that they no longer cling to you when you feel a new sense of freedom and lightness, and the lack of clarity and uneasiness you felt before vanishes from your mind.

You may have experienced such incident yourself. When in a relationship with a certain person you may have felt so unsure of yourself and so fearful, but as soon as the relationship ended you felt full of hope and you clearly saw what steps you should take towards your fulfillment. This means that through the soul bridge, that person was unwilling to let you live your own life and wanted to control you, thus obscuring your soul’s pulling towards the fulfillment.

And, of course, don’t forget to forgive the people you have soul ties with yourself, as this is as important as their forgiveness.

If the person you have a soul tie with is dead or is unwilling to release you, you should pray to God for it to release you from such bondage and to give understanding and a peace of mind to the person who holds your soul in bondage.

Meditation is another way to break the soul ties, because meditation naturally and slowly starts smoothing out your aura, thus gradually destroying the extensions coming from it. Long and regular meditation finally leads to total non attachment, because all the extensions (bridges) radiating from your soul eventually disappear.

If you are not sure which persons you have soul ties with, ask through a prayer for God to show them to you. And if, later on, you start out of nowhere thinking about a particular person or people, know that these are the ones your soul is tied to.

To help yourself even more, you should throw away all the gifts that you received from a person you want to break a soul-tie with. Also don’t keep her pictures or the pictures of the two of you. Some people do this instinctively, when someone close to them dies or a long relationship ends and they want to move on.

And because now you probably are fully aware about the importance of soul ties, just think about what happens if you form a soul tie with God instead of people. If other people can make you feel depressed or confused just through a soul bridge (by thinking negative thoughts about you), when you consciously form a strong bridge to God, all the blessings you could even think of start coming your way.

If you really have no other attachment but the attachment to God, you become a tool of God, the manifestation of it on earth. This stage, of course, would be very hard for most to even attempt to reach, but there’s no harm in trying.

To conclude, when all your soul ties on earth are broken, you are free to find your life’s purpose, attain enlightenment or find someone truly special in your life. The less soul ties you have, the freer and happier you feel, so make sure that if you ever do have them, they are made with the people who are truly special.

By: Simona Rich – Personal Development Coach.

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  1. shammi
    December 21, 2011 at 6:22 pm

    Very thought provoking…I agree we must soul tie ourselves only with God. Thanks for sharing

    • December 22, 2011 at 9:16 am

      Thanks for the comment Shammi, you came after long time, its also a fact that I haven´t published much articles in this blog lately, but its always good to hear from you 🙂

  2. pinks
    December 27, 2011 at 7:51 am

    Rv very interesting topic and Very thoughtful I agree we must make less soul tie be free to live happily in this earth.The more we involve it will be difficult to leave in end….

    • December 27, 2011 at 11:16 am

      Yes we must avoid and be faithful with our partner, if there is difficulty, use the dialogue to make it right, thank you for the comment 🙂

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