Shared by: S.Kanji.

In a region lived a wealthy merchant. He had a servant who was very naive, that people called him stupid.

One day, the merchant told his fool servant to go to a poor village to collect the debts from the villagers. “Their debts are already too much,” said the merchant.

“Well, sir,” replied the fool. “But what will you do with the money later?”

“Buy something that I don’t have,” replied the merchant.

Then the fool servant went to the village. He collected the debts one by one from the villagers. The villagers were very poor indeed and recently their village had suffered from a drought.

Finally, the fool servant completed the task. On the way home he remembered his master order, “buy something that I don’t have.”

“What, huh? My master is very rich, didn’t he already has everything?” thought the fool.

After thinking for a while, the fool had found the answer. He returned to the village then he shared the money that was collected earlier to the villagers.

“My master gave this money to you.” he said. The villagers were very happy. They praised the generosity of the merchant.

When the fool came home and reported what he had done, his master shaking his head. “You’re really stupid,” he grumbled.

Time passed. There was something unexpected happened. Change of leaders because of the rebellion and flood disaster ruined the merchant’s business.

The merchant went bankrupt. He left his home and only his fool servant who followed him. When he arrived in a village, for some reason the villagers greeted him cheerfully and warmly. They provided a room and food for the merchant.

“Who are the residents of this village? and why they help me?” asked the merchant.

“Previously, master had told me to collect the debts from the poor people of this village” replied the fool. “Master ordered to buy something that master doesn’t have. I think, master alread has everything. The only thing that master doesn’t have is love in their heart. Then I returned the money to them on behalf of master. Now master reaps their love.

Sometimes we don’t realize, people who we think are not important, turn out to be our helper when we are in difficult times. Be aware of it! Don’t forget our fellow, because no matter how small our kindness, one day we will reap the rewards.

Categories: Motivate Yourself
  1. Shammi
    August 8, 2011 at 9:31 am

    We get what we sow.

    • August 9, 2011 at 11:35 am

      Very true my friend 🙂

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