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Power of Emotions

By: Shyrose.

10 Powerful Positive Emotions that help you succeed in life

1. Love – Having constant feeling of love inside you will drive all the negative emotions out of you. If someone is angry or upset with you, you should remain cool and loving towards them by adopting a belief that we can eventually get them to calm down. You are able to change their state of mind and intensity towards you. All communication is either a cry for help or warm loving response.
‘If you could only love enough, you could be the most powerful person in the world’ – Emmet Fox.


2. Appreciation – thinking and expressing your thoughts with actions of appreciation or gratitude is another emotional state that guides us to focus on positive angle of life. Often we forget what we should be grateful for and tend look at the odd situations of expectations failing to please us.

3. Passion – biggest driver of success and achievement in life. Passion adds that juice to anything we set our mind/heart to do. It turns any challenge into an opportunity for us. This emotion pushes us to move forward in our lives at a faster pace to achieve our dreams or goals. Passion also means getting rid of fear or negative thoughts.

4. Energy – This is a common denominator in all Successful people in the world. It is a key driver to success. Often we see the marathon winners on the last two laps giving a pep talk to them to keep going. Although physically tired but mental emotional power is strong enough to carry you through to the finishing line. People who are stressed out are usually lacking oxygen – probably stopped breathing properly. So it is important to take care of your body by developing your mind power to pump you up to complete tasks or goals set out in life.

5. Confidence – When you are confident then you are emotionally ready to achieve your aims in life. Your body feels different and you get geared up to face any situation. In life we all have to face tough conditions when confidence is important to have. It gives us a sense of certainty rather than fear. The ability to act with faith and hope is what helps us move forward in life. You will be amazed at the dividends it pays if you are consistent enough. Many people ruin their lives as they avoid doing things because they are afraid. Generally it is a sign that you don’t believe in your own self.

6. Determination – is another key driver to success. It is question of never give up attitude. It speaks out about how you deal with problems, disappointments, let downs and challenges. This emotion pushes you with a powerful force of commitment when odds are against you. Acting with determination means cutting off all chances of other possibilities and making a harmonious committed decision to accomplish what you want in life.

7. Happiness – There is something about you that has been noticed – you always seem so happy – as people comment. There is a big difference being happy inside and just showing it outside. Cheerful people are always happy and smiling. They have power to influence others and touch your lives. This emotion overcomes the negative ones like guilt, inadequacy, frustration, anger etc. Typically things can be changed by feeling happy (from inside) rather than letting your mind filled with irritating opinions. Frequently it aids to get rid of painful or hurtful feelings.

8. Curiosity – get rid of the boredom or laziness or procrastination by becoming curious. Keep asking yourself and it will not a chore for you to do anything. Children are always curious and they often wonder and grow up to accomplish their dreams. Curiosity helps us to learn more about things in life. To grow in our lives, we must learn to become curious like a child as it brings unending bundle of joy. In the fast paced world we frequently get bored and lose interest. By developing this emotion we can create more fun and develop ourselves to add values to others.

9. Contributing Attitude – Often it has been quoted that – ‘Secret to living is giving in life’. There is no richer emotion than feeling that you as a person need to contribute to this world before death. In our life time we learn a lot which is through someone’s contribution. There comes a time in life that we have to give back to this world which makes our living worthwhile. This emotion indicates what sort person we are at heart. If our lives do matter than we surely have developed a connection for people, environment, nature, etc with pride and self-esteem. It becomes a duty as a human being to contribute in whatever way we can. A feeling of contribution makes us really worthwhile. This emotion or feeling is far more satisfactory than just earning money alone. However it doesn’t necessarily mean that you should become a martyr by just contributing or giving all up at your expense.

10. Flexibility – The way we approach at times creates hurdles for ourselves. The need to be flexible is important. This feeling is crucial when dealing with different personalities as all are not same. We should adapt to changing demands and circumstances to thrive and succeed in ever changing technological market. Throughout our lives there will be things that we will not be able to control or meet our expectations. The ability to be flexible in your thinking, beliefs, and rules will surely assist in making you feel happy. Commonly we do get attached to our values, things etc and unable to handle ourselves. The reed that bends will survive the windstorm. Meanwhile the oak tree is bound to crack. So many people lose their jobs or damage others or go to war or fight because they remain inflexible.

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    This is one of my favorite quotes: ‘If you could only love enough, you could be the most powerful person in the world’ – Emmet Fox

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