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Anubhav Shrivastava Quotes

“Great things never happened to those who said “I’ll give it a shot”, but they did for those who said ‘I’ll get there no matter what.’”

“People complain to God as if he owes them something. God owes you nothing, he gave you a life, make what you can out of it.”

“According to some, there are certain things man isn’t meant to do. Well, 200 years ago, he wasn’t meant to fly or go into space either.”

“Nobody ever got ahead in life by whining and complaining.”

“No one ever achieved long term admiration without being spared of short term condemnation.”

“Others may laugh at your dreams, but it doesn’t matter as long as you know in your heart that you will have the last laugh.”

“Life is a game where belief, persistence, grit and determination eventually always beat talent, connections, intelligence and fortune.”

“Adverse circumstances may slow me down but they can’t make me come to a halt. I’m unstoppable.”

“Opportunities never came to me. Luck never favored me. But I don’t mind, I’ll be able to look back and say ‘I did it on my own.’”

“If you aren’t being criticized, maybe you really aren’t doing enough.”

“Every person is superior to another in at least one field or area. There is not a single person on earth from whom we can’t learn anything.”

“There is no room for others’ negativity if we have already filled our minds with an absolute determination to fulfill our dreams.”

“Think before you leap, but don’t think too much, or you will never leap.”

“Let’s believe we’re already at the top because only then will we actually become capable of getting there. Let’s believe we’re still at the bottom, because only then will we stay hungry and realize there is always so much more to do.”

“If you’ve never thought highly of yourself, nobody else ever will.”

“The harder the path, the greater is the story that will be told.”

“There is no penalty for dreaming big, but there is one for dreaming little. You never attain what you could have, had you only aimed at it.”

“It’s easy to keep moving forward when everything is going your way. Rising up from great setbacks, mustering up the strength to get back up and moving yet again to pursue your dream is true courage.”

“Those who claim that they don’t have the time really don’t have the will.”

“If you are hated, there will still be some people that support you whole heartedly. If you are ignored, well, you are just ignored.”

“Fate favors those who don’t believe in one.”

“Why search for immortality when we are already capable of becoming immortal through the lives we lead and the ideas we stand for. The only effort it takes is to lead the right life and stand for the right idea.”

“A pioneer is someone who has the courage to go ahead with an idea when others find it laughable.”

“One of the main reasons of misery in this world is that we attach our lives to people or objects rather than to a purpose.”

“Most people hope for too much initially and then stop hoping totally when the going gets tough”

“I don’t wish for less adversity, the only thing I desire is the courage to handle it.”

“My destiny is crystal clear in my mind much before it will shape up in front of everyone else. I may fail a thousand times before I reach there but nothing will ever stop me from eventually getting there.”

“The only life worth living is the one that’s worth being remembered even once it ends.”

“The society recognizes a genius not by how good he is at understanding things but how good he is at confusing people.”

“Humans have a penchant for making simple things appear arduous and complicated. For example, this quote.”

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