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Self Limiting Beliefs

There is a saying by Henry Ford that rattles around in my head whenever I hear the term:
“Self Limiting Beliefs”.

It goes:

“If you think you can or you think you cannot, you’re right”.

My son loves to hear that one. NOT! as his generation would say – he’s 10 now but when he becomes a teenager, I’ll have to duck his right hook I reckon!

So what are these self limiting beliefs?

{mosgoogle left} A belief is a fundamental aspect of who you are, it shapes what ou do and how you think of yourself. We all have our own individual beliefs which may be at odds with the way the world round us actually sees us.
Have you ever thought:
“I can’t do that” or
“I’m not good enough to do that”

only to be told by your friends and colleagues how much they believe you can!?

External pep-talks will never address whatever is holding you ack – be it a consciously held belief or a non-conscious held belief.

The biggest single factor in holding you back from the life ou live to the life you have yet to live is your self limiting beliefs. should know, I’ve had one or two dozen in my time (and still have plenty I need to get shot of).

Have you ever gone for a job interview and thought before you ot there:
“I am not good enough for this job, they will never take me on”

Then when you get the call back giving you the thumbs down, little voice goes off inside your head saying:
“See, I told you so, I was right – you’re not good enough”

This self sabotage is a very common occurrence, and no matter who you re, it is only natural for you to experience such inner conversationsfrom time to time.

I can guarantee you Tony Robbins does not have 100% confidence n himself and everything he does100% of the time!

The important thing to remember about such beliefs is they are irstly borne from your own mind. They are merely your perspective of the world.

In NLP there is an expression summing it up rather nicely:
“The Map Is Not The Territory”

In other words, your beliefs are not necessarily the same as reality.

Our thoughts and beliefs colour our vision and perception of the world.

What you think determines what you do and feel.

This is why “right thinking” is so important (and I’m not talking ishy washy positive thinking). There are always challenges to be faced and for sure you will become dejected on occassions ut you need to foster the habit of “right thinking” – thinking the right things as often as possible in order to give you the omentum you need to keep on track. {mosgoogle right}

Thoughts are very real things – not some intangible “thing”.

They are electro-chemical in nature and their outcome on our behaviour is causal.

Whatever you think – whatever you believe will ultimately become your reality.

Believe you are depressed, believe you have no future and lo and behold – so it shall be.

Believe you will be challenged, believe you have the tools, the strength and the knowledge to overcome your problems and fears and you shall.

Self-limiting beliefs act as a brake on your life’s progress.

Have you been knocking at the door of success and seen it nexplicably closed in front of you? Just when you thought you nearly crossed the line, those malignant beliefs came and did heir damnest to wrench defeat fromt he jaws of victory.

If this describes you, you need to work on addressing these elf limiting beliefs and remove this inner negative programming.

What can you do to get rid of them?

You can get rid of them (and permanently keep them at bay) by onsistently, habitually fostering the right thinking within your own head.

Fighting self limiting beliefs is a war rather than a battle and when ou start out from the beginning, you need to launch a massive offensive to make quick progress.

Your thoughts are your troops and they must be deployed to ackle the biggest negative beliefs you have.

Are you unsure as to what is holding you back?

Perhaps you could talk to a coach or a friend and find out hat these thoughts are and where they stem from.

Moving forward, whenever you catch yourself thinking n a negative fashion, you need to mentally correct yourself and send in the troops to annihalate those negative thoughts.

Habit takes time and a conscious effort on your part.

Give yourself a head start by accepting the following:

* * You are the equal of anyone – capable of great things
* * Others are not necessarily better then you – only more practised
* * Everything is easy – when you know how

Always ask yourself the following question:
“What is the best thing I can do right now”

Ask optimal questions, expect optimal answers and practice optimal thinking.

Invest in yourself by reading/listening and watching inspirational and motivational material.

All in all, give yourself a break – you don’t need o beat yourself up about what you have done and where you are. Life will supply enough challenge for you, you need to bring your best to bear.

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