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How to Get What You Want?

How do you positively impact your thinking; your health and inner wellbeing, and your future? Or overcome addiction, lose weight, or get true financial freedom?

Condensing how you go about achieving any of these is a challenge. This post merely simplifies the big picture that applies to us all – How you can best keep going, with the big picture in mind, but taking each step, one after another – towards each milestone goal, with your future end goals in mind. You can avoid or quickly get over feelings of overwhelm.

And it first starts with taking care of yourself and feeding your body and mind with the right nutrients, and information, for optimum health and mind. Eating and exercising well is not enough.

Your mind also needs feeding with the right nutrients – and by not taking on board the current scarcity thinking that pervades the news. STOP WATCHING THIS STUFF! Change channel when the news comes on! Or switch it off altogether and learn or do something new.

Accept what you probably already know – that if you keep doing what you have always been doing (or not doing) you will continue to get the same results. If the results you get are what you want, then fine, but think carefully – do you have life balance, with abundance enough for you and your family, that you can do something towards the betterment of humanity?

Do you know you have more inside yourself that could achieve greater things?

You can make change happen, but it takes a simple (or big) decision: That you want change, are willing to do whatever it takes (without hurting anyone) and are worthy of the outcome.

Be very clear in your head what it is you want. Visualization is a great tool here. Create and then focus on what your goal looks like, what it sounds like, and what it feels like.

Desire is your driver; and a clear and focused plan is your compass. Without either of these you will be aimless like a ship without a rudder, and a victim of circumstance instead of a creator or it.

You need to know what and where your destination is; the shortest straightest route mapped out to getting there, and clear step by step instructions to follow. Who best represents and demonstrates what you need to know?

Choose a mentor wisely, so you can “model” what it is they think, say and do that brings them the success they have. Someone who “fits” with your personality, so you can still be you.

The universe doesn’t then go about giving it to you. The Law of Attraction doesn’t work all by itself like magic.

Most importantly it requires passion, and a series of systematic actions, by you, that definitely move you towards your goal. If new information makes you re-assess that path, only make changes that still move you, in the straightest line, towards your end destination. Always have a Master Plan with a series of achievable goals along the route.

Create an Intention Board with cuttings, photos. Create a video with animoto.com (you could use just the free version). You can add pictures dynamically that represent your goals, and download it to your desktop. Then do the physical research necessary to construct your plan of how you are going to get there.

Don’t let a setback deter you from keeping focused, and continuing. Or the next of many .Never, Never, Never give up. However hard the knock just remind yourself where it is you’re going, reread your Master Plan, check out your intention board, and take the next logical step. And the next.

Too many people take the glass half empty approach to life and give up when they could be so near to success. And that – is a tragedy.

Don’t let it happen to you. Make your future instead of being a victim of it!

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