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Change Your Thinking – Transform Your Life (2)

Learn how to use the Power of Your Mind – by Exercising It!

1. Stretch your mind and your comfort zones. Expand your knowledge and understanding about human potential. Try the popular psychology section in good book shops.

2. If you really want powerful results attend a four day mind management course in how to use the power of your mind. Practical techniques should include controlled relaxation, stress control, mental housecleaning, health and energy, self-mastery and creative visualisation skills that can be applied to every aspect of your life. You’ll notice the results straight away, and with practice you can really develop your unlimited potential.

3. You could begin to think beyond your present limitations by learning and practising the following. Remember it is a process which will take time when doing it on your own, so be patient and consistent about applying yourself (participating in a downloadable ecourse is by far the easiest and quickest way to results!)

4. Find ways to develop your perceptions and observations. Really See, Hear, Smell, Taste and Feel. Practice recalling from memory in quick succession such as the smell of fresh cut grass, then ground coffee, the sound of church bells, the feel of silk, then the taste of an orange. Look around you and then close your eyes recalling from memory details of the scene. Develop your mental dexterity by honing your senses like a panther in the wild.

5. Learn how to meditate. Some of the most influential people in the world meditate. Constructive meditation will help you to manage anxiety or stress symptoms, you will increase your mental control, concentration and focus, as well as expand your memory and mental capacity for creative personal and professional problem-solving.

6. Stop now, and question the many beliefs and attitudes you have about yourself and your world that are questionable, false, or limiting you, such as “I’m always messing up” – ask yourself is “Always” really true? Write them down as you go and consider a different perspective.

Replace them with empowering beliefs and attitudes that stretch your boundaries.

7. Ask someone who you consider self-empowered or read books by someone you respect and admire or who has achieved what you want to achieve. Get ideas from their values, beliefs and attitudes and choose those that you feel best empower you.

8. Lay signposts to where you want to be.

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