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Change Your Thinking – Transform Your Life (1)

Most of us use only a fraction of the enormous potential of our minds. Experts have even put a figure on it – 3% – But then it’s not surprising when you consider we were never taught how to use our minds to full capacity. There is little wonder that most people see their lives as an uphill struggle, experience problems in business and relationships, function unproductively, have difficulty in setting and achieving goals and often suffer with their health.

Cause- Effect
So why is it that we don’t get to be, do and have everything we want in our lives. To discover the answer we need to understand the above equation. Your thoughts create your emotional and physical state, and you get the results that end up in your body and your outer experience. Every circumstance is an effect. How you think and react at any given time determines the decisions or actions you may or may not take and the outcomes you create. You therefore shape the results you manifest in your life.

If you’re not getting what you want you need to change your thinking. To do that you must learn how to have conscious control of your thoughts – both the self-talk and the pictures you mentally create. Whether you believe you create the results you get in life or not, if we ask ourselves “how have I created this?” it gives you the opportunity to work with the answer to change the situation. You can become a creator rather than a victim of circumstance. If we accept that we create whatever results we get, we can discover our personal power.

Whilst the human conscious mind seems to be limited in its capacity to hold more than 7 plus or minus 2 chunks of information in awareness, another part of your mind simultaneously organises your heartbeat, digestion and drives a car without thinking about it. Without you being aware of it, your unconscious mind is processing millions of pieces of information without effort, it organises and stores your memories, and looks after thousands of body functions moment to moment at the same time without any conscious control.


The mind is a magnificent organ of intelligence, but unfortunately we are not taught how to fully use it. Yet we each have approximately 10 billion neurons (brain cells). There are more potential simultaneous connections between neurons than there are atoms in the known universe. This means we also have an almost infinite capacity for problem-solving and creativity. You are already a genius – all you need is the key to tap into it.


Professional and entrepreneurial people are now realizing that success requires more than just intelligence and knowledge, it requires the added combination of improved mind management, intuition and vision unhampered by limiting beliefs and narrow perspectives. Training and developing a relaxed and flexible mind will enable you to study any problem or project with greater depth intuitively and creatively. You can then find superior solutions and strategies with uninhibited thinking, open-mindedness and genius-like inspiration.

According to Fiona Silberbach, a corporate trainer “This could also be the key to survival and growth for your business or company if you want to ensure your position in the marketplace. Businesses that are really making an impact on their industries are identifying innovate approaches to generating and meeting customers needs. To do this requires a vision of the future”.

It is about developing views of our future world which lead us to develop ideas of exciting ways of meeting future needs”. A company could develop a real competitive edge with an empowering vision shared by it’s employees. Even a company mission statement carefully created with employees involvement could translate into a powerful thread of loyalty, improved team work, customer relations and bottom line results!

Whatever your age, background, race or creed it is the same for everyone. It takes a first step. A decision. To actively take part in being a player in life, not a spectator. Then put zest into your day and a sparkle into your life by being curious, determined, bold and spontaneous whilst having a child-like wonder about everything. With expanding awareness and positive expectation, you will become more aware of the many “coincidences” that fit together, creating a surprising synchronisity of events. You will naturally empower those around you if you live your life with passion and have love and respect for yourself, others and your environment.

It is possible to break out of traditional and habitual constraints if we challenge the dogma in our lives and look to change with new perceptions and new ideas. Life can be an exciting journey when we use our creativity and fullest potential to make this a better world for all of us.

Change Your Thinking – Transform Your Life

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