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6 Essential Tips For Distraction Free Blogging

Recently, I’ve started noticing and removing small distractions that can sometimes lead to serious concentration lapses.

A distraction free work environment can boost your productivity a great deal. Just like a stress free mind can help you get to the pinnacle of creativity.

When writing a post, if your mind wanders off for a while, it clings to something else that is lying nearby, and refuses to regain the focus. And if you are like me, you never get into the creative mindset again for that particular session.

Here’s what you should do to achieve a distraction free environment and stress free mind to get the most out of your work sessions at home.

Clean your keyboard – Most computer workers (yes, bloggers) eat and drink near the keyboard. So it gets dirty, and sometimes, because of a big bread crumb doing the sabotage, the keys get stuck when you are in the middle of typing a post. Clean your keyboard, or better still don’t eat around your keyboard.

Move the books to another room – Here’s another distraction. I often had my favorite poetry books lying on my computer desk, and sometimes when I felt lazy, I’d pick up the book and start reading. I could never get back to what I was doing before the damn book allured me. So now I’ve moved the books to another room, making my desk slightly cleaner and my work environment more conducive to productivity.

Move the DVDs to DVD rack – There was also a pile of DVDs and CDs scattered around on my computer desk. Some watched and some unwatched. Catchy cover pictures were too good to be ignored. While I didn’t always succumb to the temptation, it sure as heck broke my concentration. Realizing the problem, I keep all the DVDs neatly stacked in the rack that sits beyond my arm’s reach.

Unplug your speakers – While some people work better with music playing in the background, most don’t. Unplug your audio speakers so you don’t start recalling a song’s lyrics amidst writing your next blockbuster post.
Turn off your cell phone – There is one thing I don’t like about cell phones: they keep ringing all the time. Turn off your cell phone (or put it on silent mode) while you are busy. Trust me, you’ll have plenty of time to talk to your friends if you get your work done in time. And you’ll do all this without feeling guilty!

Stick a ‘don’t disturb’ notice on the door – Finally, you have to keep your household members at bay too. It happens all too often that when you settle down to work on computer, someone knocks on your door because they’ve got to discuss something very (un)important with you. UGH! Let your family members know that you don’t want to be disturbed when you are working, and that they should respect your schedule.

What do you do to keep your work environment productive?


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