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10 Quick Tips To Improve Your Self Esteem !!

1. Love Yourself:

Take yourself as you are. Treat yourself as you want others to do for you. When you love yourself other will love you too. Be grateful for you and take good care of yourself. Know that- You are unique in every possible ways.

2. Do what You Love:

Most of the time you are more creative, productive and positive when you do what you like. ..Yes.

And doing such a thing will give you a good feeling and a sense of life. You will like yourself more.

3. Write down your good qualities:

This will help you to acknowledge your strengths and increase your self esteem when you are having bad time.

You can know more about it by reading my article ‘how to boost your self esteem by writing your good qualities’

4. Have a Life goal:

when you have an idea, like how you want to see yourself after 10 or 20 years? You will be motivated to do what you want achieve for yourself.

Even if you don’t reach to your goal, you will learn and get many things on your journey. So you will always be a winner . That will give you a feel of your importance or will boost self esteem.

5. Have Small Goals too:

Break your big or life goals into small achievable goals. Try to achieve your small goals and celebrate when you get success. This will improve your self esteem.

6. Ask yourself, How can I do it?

If you having problem with doing or achieving something don’t be hopeless. On the other hand, ask yourself ‘how can I do it?’ or ‘how can I get it?’ or how can I be successful? It is better to ask your mind because your mind will stop its negative thinking and will be bound to think for the possible solutions or positively.

7. Help Others:

You can have a pure joy and satisfaction when you help others. You don’t need to be reach or powerful to help others.

8. Drop Your Negative Friends:

Try to be with proactive people and drop negative minded people if possible. In most cases, if you always hang out with your negative minded friends, you will eventually become one of them.

9. Compare Your Past with Your Present:

Try to compare your yesterday to your today. If you find no change than you should know, you have to do something about your affords.

But, don’t compare with others. Ironically which we often do.

10. Thought diary:

One of the best ways to conquer negative self evaluations is to challenge or dispute them using a Thought Diary. This can be done by identifying and challenging our negative self evaluations, and developing more balanced self evaluations.

By the way, you can know more about Thought diary here …

All the best wishes, Admin

Beside those you can get self help materials for self esteem. But Do a good research before going for a self help product for yourself. Because there lot of useless product in the market.

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